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Add green screen and double your fun and memories. Use the “Yelp Coupon” to add green screen to your event for only $30 for 3 hours of service.

Custom Photo Strip Graphics.

A special bonus with using the coupon is free custom graphics. We have several designs that can be customized for your event, or send us your company logo or event artwork, and we will create your unique photo strip.
Coupon is valid through 9/20/2018

graphics/ bride and groom

Photo Booth Graphics with Coral Wedding Colors

Beautiful wedding graphics for a photo strip is our highlight this week. We are preparing  for a wedding in Phoenix this weekend. The bride requested wedding artwork with coral and mint colors. This design is perfect for these colors, as well as many other color palettes.

Graphics in a Photo Strip.

This design is universal for weddings, with the couple holding hearts hand in hand. Any requested color can be used for the text and thin frame inside the graphic. Here is an example of how the graphic is used in classic three picture photo strip.

Composed Background Photo

This photo is just adorable, and perfect for so many couples.  Besides being so likeable, it is a great background canvas for building other photo strip elements, such and the bride and groom’s names and some embellishing flowers of frames.

Here is an alternative frame with the wedding color coral.

A thin frame on the inside of the perimeter provides a clean and elegant look for this photo strip.

And a Couple More Versions

The difference between the two images above is that the first has shadowing behind the bride and groom’s names. This creates some contrast to make the names easier to read.
The photo card also utilizes this graphic. The card background is mint, although it can be changed to any wedding color.
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Photo Booth Gifts

Add Pictures to Gifts from Your Photo Booth Event.

We are flashing with excitement as we team up with York Photo. Now we can print your favorite photo booth pics on gifts like coffee mugs, photo albums, and canvas frames. And, many more creative items are available. York Photo has been in the photo business for 60 years. That’s incredible! We hope you take a look at some of the most popular swag available.

50% Off at YorkPhoto! Use Code: YOURFIFTY. 50% Off Orders Of $25 Or More. Does Not Include Prints. S&H Not included. 1 Use. Cannot combine coupon codes.

Photo Booth Pictures on Coffee Mugs.

Wake up with a smiles and smooth cup of coffee. Easily customize a personal coffee mug as a gift, or to add to your own collection. Just download your photo booth picture from SmilesToGoPhotoBooth, and then upload to York Photo.  The mug is microwave safe and dishwasher safe with mild detergent. Many sizes to choose from; big, bigger and grande.

Hard Cover Photo Albums.

Preserve you party photo memories in a beautiful hard cover photo book or album. Choose from soft leather or linen cover. Elegant and cheerful colors to choose from. The books are available with keyhole covers, which allow photos to be viewed on the top of the cover. Many category themes for the books such as “Love and Wedding”, “Family”, “Birthday”, “Best Dad Ever”, “Senior Class”.

Blankets and Photo Pillows.

Looking for a thoughtful gift? Blankets and throw pillow will fit the bill. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a soft blanket and their favorite person? Decorator pillows add fun and creativity while making your family members feel special.

Cards and Stationary.

Choose from a large variety of stationary, Thank You Cards or Christmas Cards.

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Shabby Chic Photo Booth Graphics

Popularity of Shabby and Chic at Weddings.
What some call “old”, others call vintage with character. If you appreciate the rich heritage of old weathered barn doors, last century cloth and jewelry, then this shabby and chic photo strip graphics is fitting for your wedding.

Graphics Display the Personality of the Bride and Groom.

In this sample of a photo strip. The bride and groom’s appreciation of vintage elements is evident.  The guys in these photos didn’t get the memo. They chose to mask-up as super heros.

Variations to the Art Work

This set of graphic is open to many colors of text and styles of fonts. This pastel pink is a popular wedding color.

Layers to the Wedding Graphic

Background Layer

The background layer is a collection of classic images that combine for an impression of fine antique images. The butterfly add a colorful tone and draws in the beauty of nature.  Brass vines exemplify craftsmanship.

Weathered Wooden Table Top.

An alternative to the standard background would be to add the wooden table behind the ornaments and photos. This set of wood planks has character with the turquoise paint that has been peeling for years. This type of background is strictly optional, and not meant for everyone.

Shades of Pink for Text.

Rose petal pink has many shades.  Here is a color chart with 5 shades of rose pink. The text plates show the different subtle feeling created with the shades of pink.

A Couple Samples of Different Graphics.

Here are two examples of the final product. The first set of graphics uses text with a pale pink color for the text. The second example uses a deep shade of pink for a more formal appearance.
Light shade of pink used for the text.
Dark shade of pink used for the text.
Can we design photo strip graphics for you?

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Wedding Photo Booth Graphics

Wedding Photo Booth Graphics.

Every detail in a wedding must be unique to the bride. Wedding photo booth graphics should be at the top of the list, since these photos will be gifts for each guest. The photo strip will contain the wedding’s colors and reflect the couple’s personalities. In this example, a transparent grey waffle background adds a subtle 3D effect. The shadowing behind the hearts also gives a third dimension. A red heart is a classic symbol of love. Gold symbolizes pure love between the bride and groom.

Dazzling Photo Card

Here is a second example of the wedding graphic placed on a 4x6 inch photo card.

Variations to the Art Work

The photo strip graphics are similar in every way except for the background. The second graphic has a smooth french vanilla color, rather than a textured grey background.

Layers to the Wedding Graphic

Background Layer

The background layer is a transparent grey in the shape of a waffle. This intentionally adds depth to the artwork.

Heart Overlay

The two hearts overlay is made up of highlights on the top and left of the hearts. Secondly, the lower right side has shadowing, which makes the hearts appear rise above the background. The gold ribbons are just the right size for adding text in the next step.

Wedding Fashionable Text

Comic types of text are not appropriate for this artwork. Barring that limitation, an unlimited number of text style will match basic but unique set of wedding graphics.

Final Results of the Graphic Pieces

So, here are some variations to the final image.
Subtle 3D effect on the photo strip image.
Smooth vanilla background on the wedding photo strip image.

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