Holiday Graphics with Green Screen

Use Green Screen for Fun and Unique Designs.
Create a unique photo post card for the holidays with our green screen magic. This set of graphics compliments the most formal events to the most casual events. These graphics shout FUN. They are the perfect size for a small group of friends, large group or a romantic couple.

Photo Strips, Photo Cards or 4×6 Prints

We can add these graphics in the form of a photo strip (2×6), photo card (4×6) or a photo print (4×6). You provide the smiles and love.
Componets to the Print

The print is made up of a background of distressed white farm wood ringed by presents. The center layer consistes of the photo taken in the booth with a green screen. The computer cuts out the green in the photo and imprints it on top of the background. Finally, an overlay is applied to the print. The overlay is the lower portion of the background that easily blend all three layers together. 

Special thanks to Photo by Giftpundits for their outstanding artwork.


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Happy Holidays Photo Booth

Keeping it Traditional for the Holidays

The cool blue look of ice and snowflakes make a fitting background in this photo card. The chill of the blue ice make everyone want to snuggle for the holidays. This couple is warm and ready.

Photo Enlargements are available.

Bigger Photos are Better Photos

Our photo booth has the ability to print the photos in photo strips, photo cards or as 4×6 photos. So many photos are just too cute to stay small. The 4×6 prints are perfect little gifts for your holiday goers.

Text Overlay

Write a personal message on the photo card, or just keep it simple and general. It is you choice.

Can we design photo strip graphics for you?