Photo Booth Graphics with Coral Wedding Colors

Beautiful wedding graphics for a photo strip is our highlight this week. We are preparing  for a wedding in Phoenix this weekend. The bride requested wedding artwork with coral and mint colors. This design is perfect for these colors, as well as many other color palettes.

Graphics in a Photo Strip.

This design is universal for weddings, with the couple holding hearts hand in hand. Any requested color can be used for the text and thin frame inside the graphic. Here is an example of how the graphic is used in classic three picture photo strip.

Composed Background Photo

This photo is just adorable, and perfect for so many couples.¬† Besides being so likeable, it is a great background canvas for building other photo strip elements, such and the bride and groom’s names and some embellishing flowers of frames.

Here is an alternative frame with the wedding color coral.

A thin frame on the inside of the perimeter provides a clean and elegant look for this photo strip.

And a Couple More Versions

The difference between the two images above is that the first has shadowing behind the bride and groom’s names. This creates some contrast to make the names easier to read.
The photo card also utilizes this graphic. The card background is mint, although it can be changed to any wedding color.
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