Popularity of Shabby and Chic at Weddings.
What some call “old”, others call vintage with character. If you appreciate the rich heritage of old weathered barn doors, last century cloth and jewelry, then this shabby and chic photo strip graphics is fitting for your wedding.

Graphics Display the Personality of the Bride and Groom.

In this sample of a photo strip. The bride and groom’s appreciation of vintage elements is evident.  The guys in these photos didn’t get the memo. They chose to mask-up as super heros.

Variations to the Art Work

This set of graphic is open to many colors of text and styles of fonts. This pastel pink is a popular wedding color.

Layers to the Wedding Graphic

Background Layer

The background layer is a collection of classic images that combine for an impression of fine antique images. The butterfly add a colorful tone and draws in the beauty of nature.  Brass vines exemplify craftsmanship.

Weathered Wooden Table Top.

An alternative to the standard background would be to add the wooden table behind the ornaments and photos. This set of wood planks has character with the turquoise paint that has been peeling for years. This type of background is strictly optional, and not meant for everyone.

Shades of Pink for Text.

Rose petal pink has many shades.  Here is a color chart with 5 shades of rose pink. The text plates show the different subtle feeling created with the shades of pink.

A Couple Samples of Different Graphics.

Here are two examples of the final product. The first set of graphics uses text with a pale pink color for the text. The second example uses a deep shade of pink for a more formal appearance.
Light shade of pink used for the text.
Dark shade of pink used for the text.
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